Guided Reading Unpacked for Educators

How to build reading fluency and comprehension and give every one of your students a personal reading aloud coach


Guided Reading Unpacked for Educators

Do you teach reading? Are any of your students struggling with comprehension or reading fluency?  Are you responsible for teaching English, including reading, to ESL/ELL/EAL/ESOL students?

Would you like to see 19 different reading comprehension strategies to boost your students' progress?

Would any, or all, of your students benefit from having a personal reading aloud coach to listen to them and correct them as they read aloud?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, or if you want to get the latest, research-based reading instruction practices, then you will love this course.

It's a dive into best practices for guided reading and web-based reading instruction and how these have been mapped to the online tool - Reading Assistant Plus.

Ideal for educators to leverage your time working with struggling readers and English language learners.

  • Guided reading and the link with fluency & comprehension
  • The advantages of reading aloud
  • Explore a tool to boost your ESL/ELL/ESOL students’ development of the English language
  • Understand how in one class 30 students can each be reading aloud a different text and have personal corrective feedback while they’re reading
  • The optimal guided reading learning model
  • How reading aloud influences vocabulary, comprehension, reading fluency & writing
  • Go-to strategies for struggling readers and/or English learners
  • Guided reading lessons on the web: Reading Assistant Plus

What's included?

3 Videos
8 Quizzes
3 Texts
2 PDFs
9 Presentations

Learn how Reading Assistant Plus, an online reading aloud coach powered by voice recognition technology can help you help your students.

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Meg Ross M.A
Meg Ross M.A
Product Manager, Reading Assistant Plus

About the instructor

Meg Ross started her professional career as a juvenile court translator, helping explain the law and the court proceedings to Spanish speaking juvenile offenders and their families.

She soon saw how futile her efforts were to help the unfortunate people caught up in these court proceedings. And she resolved to try to make a difference through education.

So Meg returned to University (college, as it's known in the USA) and built on her undergraduate degree in Spanish Literature with a Graduate Degree in Education Policy and Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity from University of Colorado Boulder.

As a Bilingual Elementary Teacher, she taught English and Spanish to grades 2 -5 in Denver, Colorado for 4 years,

She has also trained university professors and student-teachers on best practices in English instruction in the Philippines while posted there in USA Peace Corps.

Meg has worked for the Pearson education products and services company on the development of an iPad-based progress-monitoring tool for English Learners.

She is currently Product Manager, Reading Assistant; Educational Content Lead at Scientific Learning Corporation.